How to Find Volunteer Work

Nowadays, the term “volunteering” is already familiar to many and it is understandable. How to take the path of mercy and goodness, what is the specificity of the work, and if it is assumed in this work career took off?

 The main volunteers`  areas of work

  • Assistance in carrying out various activities aimed at protecting the interests of the citizens of disadvantaged groups.
  • Assistance in children’s homes and hospitals, pensioners and veterans assistance, homeless and orphans.
  • Protecting the environment and animals.
  • Meetings on the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Planting and collection of waste.
  • Charity concerts, and parties in order to assist those in need.
  • Support on the Internet and on hot lines – communication with people who need psychological help.

Volunteer work is carried out on a voluntary basis and does not involve monetary compensation. The exact date of the birth of such an approach can not be established: the first formal volunteering can be considered as even one of our ancestors, which helped ignite the fire to his neighbor from a nearby cave, not expecting anything in return. In the US, the popularization of voluntary unpaid labor began in the days of Benjamin Franklin, when the first volunteer fire brigade in Philadelphia was created. Massively participate in volunteer work Americans have started later due to the Red Cross.

Now all over the world, there are many volunteer organizations where you can work in exchange for room and board. You give your work and experience – you for that feed, and provide a place to sleep. Sometimes for volunteer work, you can get some nice extras like a ticket for a music concert or a “temporary loan” – maybe an hour to do different activities such as swimming or learning a foreign language. Some turn to volunteering lifestyle, earning a little pocket money and moving between cheese farms, construction sites and schools, where local children learn English.

How to begin?

First you need to dream and honestly ask yourself, what do you want: to work for free on the hated work – bad idea. Maybe you as a child dreamed of becoming a clown and delight children or like to ride horses and care for them, and parents forbade? Or you’ve always wanted to work in Italy, to speak Italian like Adriano? Or maybe you want to cross the oceans? Or do you want to learn how to grow potatoes and tomatoes, or build houses, although only LEGO collected in your life? Or you tired of being in the adjacent park was garbage, and you would be happy to wave at a volunteer rake?

When you namechtaetes enough, you can begin to take action. First, create a profile on LinkedIn in order to declare itself the world. How to write a profile on LinkedIn, you can read here . Keep in mind that often ambitious and popular events, where they want to get a lot (eg, the Olympic Games, Burning Man, Oxford Film Fest), volunteers are only after the selection, and may also have to be trained. In such cases, you need to apply much in advance – for about half a year before the event, for example, set on a volunteer job Olympics in Rio began two years before the competition. The same rule applies to projects that require special skills – for example, to work with people with disabilities need special training. Plus you need to lay time for a visa and ticketing – it is usually necessary to deal with on their own.

If you want to volunteer abroad, you can make your own to find a project or to apply to the sites, aggregators that collect volunteer positions from all over the world. In the second case it is worth digging a little money for the registration fee (20-60 dollars), up on the Volunteer and volunteer resources. Keep in mind that you need resume assistant LinkedIn profile in order to increase their chances. Many projects have a page on Facebook, through them, too, you can contact the organizers. To volunteer jobs in the United States is no special unified platform. But at the same time find a project like easy: there are many national parks, farms, non-profit organizations that need volunteers.